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J  A  N  E  T  T  E     M  E  E  T  Z  E
janette.meetze-handson_slowselfie copy

Janette Meetze, Slow Selfie, 2015

After our discussion about doing selfies I decided to use my hands rather than my face as I feel they better define me and become the vehicle for my expression and energy. I started by taking about 20 photos on my iPhone of my hands in different positions and then chose nine of those to draw and combine into the final design. I wanted to acknowledge what the discussion stimulated for me. —JM

L  O  U  I  S  E     H  A  L  S  E  Y


Louise Halsey, El Doble, tapestry, rya

#2A CelosiaHGA

Louise Halsey, Celosia, tapestry, rya

El Viejo

Louise Halsey, El Viejo, tapestry, rya

Senor Blanco y Negro

Louise Halsey, Senor Blanco y Negro, tapestry, beads, rya

The first doll I wove was done as a final project for a class in Pre-Columbian Peruvian textiles taught be Glen Kaufman at the University of Georgia in Athens. We did various techniques as well as studied the many cultures as they evolved over centuries in the Andean region. As we all know, they were amazing weavers and created amazing textiles. Their dolls were woven for burial and reflected everyday events such as births so they were at times in a scene with others. Some dolls were single figures. The faces were different for males and females.

El Viejo is a male face and the most clearly based on the ones from ancient Peru. I weave these in one piece with the hair being rya. The piece is folded over to form a pocket like opening. Over time I decided to bring myself into these faces so Celosia is based on my love of gardening and the persistence of this flower which likes to seed itself. For El Doble I was thinking about how we are often split in two by our beliefs. Señor Blanco y Negro was a further exploration of that idea of conflicting sides lying within one person.

Some of these remain as just heads, others become part of a full figure. I am now exploring how to make them more dimensional to use as puppets so I can add a voice and interact with them. This has been a goal for a long time and so far I have made one very boxy puppet with a moveable mouth. More work is needed to get closer to my desired puppet.

Feedback welcome—LH

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