tapestry portraits

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Alex Friedman     •      Tamar Shadur




Three tiny faces by Alex Friedman

I have some small ‘portraits’ but they are not selfies. They are just faces that explore the very small 3″ warp and a project to see how much detail you need to create a character at that scale. I made them for some workshops I have done over the years. I am thinking of doing a series of small faces based on the work of another artist I know. They are kind of cartoony and wonderfully whimsical. I would probably do a selfie then.—AF

Tamar Shadur,  “Florence, MA – Past & Present”, 9 x 10 ins. Tapestry. Wool and metallic weft; cotton warp.

 Florence, MA, a prominent 19th Century mill town of progressive industry and education, was the home of utopian abolitionists, Sojourner Truth among them. In the tapestry, her portrait appears ethereally in the sky next to a silk moth and cocoons which are reminders of the past silk industry in Florence. The Corticelli Silk Company was one of the world’s largest producers of silk thread, and its logo – a kitten playing with a spool of thread, is depicted in the lower left side. Today, the Pedal People that haul trash on bicycles and Evolution Café are based in the former mill district of town.—TS

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