in the making (selfies in progress

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 the slo-mo substance of hands

 Janette Meetze ∼ Ruth Manning ∼

Sarah Swett ∼ Margaret Sunday

—making oneself is messy – it is not a straight line process—dorothy clews  


J A N E T T E    M E E T Z E

Janette Meetze, Slow Selfie

Janette Meetze, Slow Selfie…

Feb. 19. 2015  …a progress photo from a few days ago…. After our discussion about doing selfies I decided to use my hands rather than my face as I feel they better define me and become the vehicle for my expression and energy. I started by taking about 20 photos on my iPhone of my hands in different positions and then chose nine of those to draw and combine into the final design. I wanted to acknowledge what the discussion stimulated for me. —JM

R U T H   M A N N I N G

Ruth Manning, Social Graces

Ruth Manning, Social Graces…

Social Graces is a piece still in progress, wool and cotton, 18″ wide, 6 epi. It is based on a memory of a couple classes I was expected to take as a young girl. They were pretty painful at times. I still own the gloves and I remember the  pink wool dress my mother made me for the Tri Council dance.—RM

S A R A H   S W E T T

Sarah Swett, Can You Please Pass Me My Knitting_ (detail, work in progress)

Sarah Swett, Can You Please Pass Me My Knitting, detail

No photographs used in this one.  It is, indeed, probably more in line with some of the Coptic portraits, the simplicity of which I simply adore.—SS  (12/9/14)

But note, Sarah says this detail image was made with her phone—(making it a Selfie of a Selfie?)—MLS

M A R G A R E T   S U N D A Y

Margaret Sunday, Fracked Selfie, detail

Margaret Sunday, Fracked Selfie, detail

As the image develops, I call upon drawing … to manage the segments, and I remember how satisfying an organic line can be when it is eloquently mated with the human figure.—MLS


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