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M I C H A E L  F.  R O H D E


My ‘self-portrait’ is part of a series of pixelated faces that I have been weaving. These are an interesting departure from my usual abstract geometrical themed tapestries. In this case, I started with a formal studio photograph, taken by friend and professional photographer, Donna Granata. With her permission, I cropped the image to the face, then reduced it to 26 x 20 pixels, then wove rows of squares, about an inch and a half on the side. The tapestry is part of the American tapestry Biennial 10 exhibit.—MFR



J  A  N  E  T     A  U  S  T  I  N


Self-portrait in Color, 1993, 13 in. x 10 in., tapestry



Self-portrait (Purple Sketch),  1992, 17 X 17 in., tapestry



Excerpt Self-portrait, tapestry



The Other Side of Me, tapestry

… from a series of “Excerpts”, the first time I cut up my paintings to weave fragments of them (back then before color copies, I actually cut up paintings that were acrylic on paper.)—JA

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