Cos Ahmet

Mutatis Mutandis





  CA_Mutatis-Mutandis-detail 3

  Cos_Ahmet_Mutatis Mutandis_shadow detail

I see the self as an ‘organic system’, that communicates different types of ‘body dialogue’.  









Cos_Ahmet_Re-Creation (1)

— They stand as metaphors, representing the body through: ‘thread as the thought’, ‘warp as the skeleton’, ‘weft as flesh or skin’, and ‘weave’ as the soul —


Linked III

Ahmet_Cos_Linked III

  Ahmet_Cos_Linked III_Detail 2

These ‘gestures’ take on their own symbolism and appearance, but are implicit presences, traces or imprints of identity and self. 


Woven Self



Cos_Ahmet_Woven_Self-detail 3

Cos_Ahmet_Woven_Self-detail 4


Cos_Ahmet_Woven_Self-detail 5

—Cos Ahmet 2016                    

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