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I remembered that I have a couple of self-portraits I did in 1996—back in the era before “selfie” was a concept that had taken the world by storm. But when “self-portrait” was still recognized as something that artists did (sometimes when at a loss for other subject matter—which is how my efforts came about)….—tommye scanlin

HalseymargaretContemplation - Copy

JanetAustinSelfPortraitInColorThis photo was scanned by Remba Imaging.

Sarah Swett, Can You Please Pass Me My Knitting_ (detail, work in progress) - Copy



has access to everything concerning the blog: content, organization, registration. This is me, Margaret, for the present, until we get up and running. Then perhaps someone else would like to step in; we’ll see. (This blog is currently registered to my name, not ATA.)


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cannot publish or upload photos, but can write and edit their own posts until they are published (by the administrator or an editor).  We will learn how this works together.

followers (public sites):

read and comment on blog contents; receive notification when new posts appear on the blog.

I anticipate that this blog will be public for ready-to-view posts, and private/ passworded for posts that aren’t ready. Incoming comments/ replies are set for manual screening, and will be accepted from named senders only.  We’ll have to see how this works.—MLS


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What User Role will be yours?  

Leave a reply indicating your choice below, and I will sign you up to receive an invitation from WordPress. (MLS)

CALL FOR ANECDOTES          1/27/2016

The blog is looking for Selfie-related anecdotes for the new writing/ critical thinking section. If you have anecdotes to share, write them up (about one page or shorter per story) and send them in.

Janette Meetze, detail, Slowselfie

detail of work in progress, Slow Selfie by Janette Meetze

13 thoughts on “getting on board selfiesonslow

    1. Dirk–size does not matter (as long as you can fit it into your camera lens!) I rated this site PG, but I can always change it to “R” if necessary to squeeze you in. Can you email me the image as a jpeg attachment? Bob says “Let’s get some art on!” Waiting to see it–Margaret


      Hi again -it’s learn on the job with this blog –

      I will send you an invitation via WordPress to be an author. When you accept, fill in the forms, then type in something for the title and first post (right-hand side of screen). Your post should appear in the Roundhouse and be linked to a new page where you can do anything you chose. Click “EDIT”. Notice your choice of settings, etc. for your individual Author Blog.

      If you would prefer to set up another kind of page, which better suits your idea, we can look at that.

      I will set up the menus, etc. to reflect what you do.

      “Commentary/ Selfies & Contexts” is a great idea! Look for the invite!–M


  1. Hi Margaret
    I am hopng to ‘get on board’ the blog – do you prefer general participants of the blog to be authors or contributors? Which is easiest from a management perspective?


    1. Hi Matty,
      I haven’t yet worked with the Contributor designation, so this might require a little patience on both our parts. The Author role will give you your own blog post, accessed through the Roundhouse page. In order to invite you to be an Author, I will need your WorpdPress username (if you already have one), or I can give you a temporary one (if you don’t). From today’s perspective, I don’t see how these 2 roles will differ for the administrator. Whatever you would like– Margaret


    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Our view for this blog is wide. The qualities that define an image as a Selfie, a self-portrait, a portrait, a face, a figure, a mask are a main focus of our exploration. Those little Coptic faces that Mary posted on “Ideas/ Discussions (blogs” are stylized types, probably not even portraits, yet many of us have responded strongly to these images as precedents for self-portraiture… possibly because they are so caringly wrought and sincere. How cool would it be if several of us wove little 2″ x 3″ self-portraits in the Coptic style? Hmmm. Any contributions to the exploration of this topic are welcome.
      Thanks, Margaret


    1. Hello Tamar,

      If you would like me to find a spot for your Selfie on the Blog, just email it to me as a jpeg attachment: If you would like to set up a page of your own, either as a blog for discussion (with images) or as an Artist’s Gallery, please let me know, and I will work with you on how to do this. I am delighted with your offer to share your Selfie! If you could write a few thoughts about why you chose to do a self-portrait in the Coptic style, this would be interesting to include with your artwork. Best regards, Margaret


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