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Ruth Manning

See Ruth Manning’s “Selfies?” tapestries in the Artists’ Galleries

the Damascus Fiber Arts School members and teachers: 40+ small selfies created in honor of Audrey Moore’s 90th birthday!

is this the answer to: o.O.G.L.S. (Openly Old Grays Like Selfies) Will this be you?

new work from Cos Ahmet

critical thinking: more essays and artist’s statements about works in the blog



Identity dynamics:  Fate, Destiny & Self-Determination/ le sort, le destin et l’auto-determination an international tapestry installation conceived and directed by line dufour with a cast of 250+ artists

Live Links to Tapestry Art, a  growing list of links to tapestry artists’ websites and blogs


members of the British Tapestry Group


a new section for writing about selfies and tapestry weaving—

do you have selfie-related anecdotes or ideas for essays and observations, long or short?   write them up and send them to the blog! see: About Selfies in Tapestry

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