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Ruth Manning

See Ruth Manning’s “Selfies?” tapestries in the Artists’ Galleries

kathe todd-hooker, a resource page on the Valois tapestries

critical thinking: more essays and artist’s statements about works in the blog

o.O.G.L.S.  (Openly Old Grays Like Selfies) Will this be you?


from Tapestry Topics, the newsletter for members of the American Tapestry Alliance, Spring 2016 Social Media issue: an overview of Selfies on Slo by margaret sunday and “Imaging the Self”, an essay with critical analysis of selected works in this blog by mary lane.  issue coordinator, line du four.  (see “Resources” on the ATA website for current and archived issues of Tapistry Topics.  If you are not a member, consider joining—fees are reasonable.) 

tamar shadur: “Florence, MA” a portrait of Sojourner Truth and the mill town where she lived, in Tapestry Portraits 

cos ahmet: an artist’s gallery of woven/ mixed media works 

kathe todd-hooker: forbidden cartoons and memento moriia new artist’s gallery

margaret sunday: self-portrait with lapettes in the artist’s gallery

Live Links to Tapestry Art, a  growing list of links to tapestry artists’ websites and blogs


members of the British Tapestry Group


a new section for writing about selfies and tapestry weaving—

do you have selfie-related anecdotes or ideas for essays and observations, long or short?   write them up and send them to the blog! see: About Selfies in Tapestry

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