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. . . this blog is more about the process of making selfies (and the blog – a record of making selfies) than the end product. Making oneself is messy – it is not a straight line process. —dorothy clews

Coptic, Portrait of a man, 5th C, Volbach, 45

“where’s yr halo?”

I think that lots of people see blogs etc and only see the carefully constructed image of the artist continually making/weaving they do not see the other side, those strange blank periods where no making is done, but some kind of germination is happening though it often feels like nothing is happening.—dc




This blog is about Selfies, and it is a reflective discussion on the ancient art of tapestry weaving, a slow, hand technology of image-making with threads, as it is practiced today in our age of electronic technology for which “timeless” means “no time at all”.

Our blog is an outgrowth of many shared energies on the discussion list of the American Tapestry Alliance during the deep winter months of late 2013 and early 2014.  It proceeds with ATA looking on, not as sponsor, but as interested parent.   —MLS November, 2014


The project is an exploration of what Selfies in Tapestry might be—what the Selfie will become in the hands of individual weavers, in part through examination of traditions of woven imagery.  For this reason, woven Selfies, self-portraits, portraits, faces and figures, as well as their metaphors, are included in the discussion. Images of works in progress, with drawings; cartoons and works in other media used as bases for weavings are especially relevant in showing how weavers approach this subject and think about imagery.—MLS December, 2014


The blog welcomes proposals for pages/ projects from individuals and groups. If you are interested in creating your own Artist’s Gallery, developing a Theme Show around a topic of your choice, assembling a Resource Gallery for images and/or other materials on self-portraits and selfies, writing an *Anecdote, Essay, Opinion Page or Blog—please write a reply with your contact information below. New work and ideas to add to the Group Show Gallery and existing Theme Shows can be brought to our attention in the same way. I will reply to you by email.—MLS

* 1/27/2016   The blog is seeking anecdotes of a page or shorter length for the  Writing/ Critical Thinking section.

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above: Coptic, Portrait of a Man, 5th century, Volbach 45; “wee me” by margaret sunday

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